About Us

We create whatever ideas we come up with

Our only restriction for what we can create is our combined skillset. If a Team Member comes up with a great idea for a project, they’re encouraged to create it, and are given support and advice along the way.


Everybody helps everybody

Every member of the team helps other members out. Whether it be with code contributions, brainstorming, or just a pointer in the right direction, we’ll do what we can.


We offer a lot more than just support and advice

We also provide a large array of services to help with project creation and development.

From hosting Git repositories, database solutions, and even providing servers to host projects on - the list grows all the time, and if a team member needs us to host a particular service - we’ll do what we can to provide it.


Our Team

Here are all the idiots that make the magic happen.


Founder, Core Developer

null founded Vixen Team in June 2019, and continues to direct the team today.

Currently, he manages all of the servers and services that Vixen Team offers to its members. He also develops nMarkov, a bot that is both loved and hated by many servers, often both at the same time.


Graphic Artist, Entrepreneur, Visionary, People Person, Big Guy, Core Developer

cykreet joined Vixen Team shortly after its inception, and has since created many of the swanky graphics associated with our projects.



thomm.o joined Vixen Team very shortly before 2023 after some smooth sweet talking by nulldomain.

Outside of Vixen Team, he develops Lightbulb, a command handler for a Discord API wrapper library called Hikari - both of which are used to power nMarkov!



“What do you want your bio to say?” - nulldomain

“Is ‘among us’ a valid option?” - hypergonial