nMarkov is a really shitty bot for Discord that aims to generate crappy sentences based on previous chatlogs.

Markov chains work by generating sentences based on recombination of elements of history of known sentences to generate meaningful sentences.

Basically, it takes what's already been said in the server, and attempts to create its own sentences, regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

Getting started

Adding nMarkov to your server is the same as adding any other fucking bot super simple and couldn't be easier. You can add nMarkov by clicking this link and selecting the server you'd like to invite the bot to (note that it'll also try to add you to the nMarkov support server, but you can just leave it if you don't want ot be there.)

After that, it's as simple as doing m!setchannel in the channel you'd like nMarkov to log and send messages in. Note that the bot won't really start sending its own messages until it's already logged around ~100 messages.